Crater Lake Centennial, 44" H x 51" W

Heat transfers of Crater Lake historical maps, trail descriptions, postage stamps, photographs and other memorabilia on sheers, satin and velvet; journal embroidery stitching.  Made for the Centennial artist residency program at Oregon's Crater Lake National Park.

Crater Lake is a huge collapsed volcano, filled up with water. It is part of the volcanic range that includes Mt. Shasta, California, Mt. Hood, Oregon and Mt. Rainier, Washington State. The lake is about 1,000 feet below the rim. The rim descends in a steep slope into the lake and there are several places with summits much higher than 1,000 feet above the lake. There is only one switchback trail descending to the lake from the rim. I was an artist in residence during March and chose a new place to ski each day I was there. The back side of the rim, the side sloping away from the lake, is a huge skiing playground with beautiful forested slopes. But the focal point of this National Park is the lake. The history of the park is tied up in the technical details and new technology for measuring the lake's depth (almost 2000'), how the lake was formed, the fact that it almost never freezes over, and its inaccessibility due to the steep walls leading down to the lake.
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